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  • WATCH: Officer Shot in Back by Friendly Fire After Dog Charges LE

    The Lafayette Police Department recently released body cam footage that shows an officer shot in the line of duty while conducting a search warrant in Indiana. Moreover, friendly fire hit the officer, identified as Lane Butler.

    “Officer Butler is an amazing public servant and is a dedicated and valued member of our agency,” said a Lafayette Police Department statement. “She is demonstrating tremendous courage and strength and she fights to recover from her injury.”

    Lane, a three-year veteran of LPD, joined two fellow officers recently to execute a search warrant at a local residence. There, the homeowner cooperated and allowed officers to search, demonstrating the suspect was not there. However, the homeowner did alert officers to a large dog locked in a cage prior to entry.

    “As long as she ain’t gonna get out, then we’re good,” an officer can be heard responding during the video.

    Friendly Fire Hits Officer

    But near the end of the search, the dog broke free, causing all three officers to flee the apartment. It was at that moment that one of the officer’s pistol discharged. Footage shows the round travel through the door, striking Butler in the back. Although Butler wore a protective vest, the bullet managed to strike above her protected area, according to the report.

    Authorities transported Butler to a local hospital for treatment following the incident. Also, officials said Butler is listed in serious, but stable, condition, according to the report.

    “We are very grateful for the outpouring of support,” LPD said in the statement.  “Citizens from our community and from around the state and nationally have offered their prayers and support. The Lafayette Police Department asks for your continued support for our officers and prayers for a speedy and full recovery for Officer Butler and comfort for her family. This incident, while incredibly unusual and unfortunate, highlights the risks that officers face during the daily execution of their duties to keep our communities safe.”

    A follow-up report stated that no officers faced punishment as a result of the shooting.

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

  • WATCH: Loose Round Triggers Unexpected Discharge for Army Shooter

    Joel Turner is a member of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. As such, he’s one of the finest shooters on the planet. Competing in the Open/Unlimited divisions of 3-Gun, Turner has multiple championships to his credit. Moreover, with a previous stint in operational units, Turner has a wealth of knowledge and training under his belt.

    None of this, of course, means he would be exempt from a negligent discharge. And that’s exactly what Turner assumed must have happened recently, when during a training session, while conducting a shoot-reload drill, after inserting the second magazine, Turner’s pistol went off rather unexpectedly.

    “I assumed that I just had my finger on the trigger,” Turner told Tactical-Life.com. “I was doing a slow-motion video of a shoot-reload drill, so I’m trying to go fast.”

    Following the discharge, you can see Turner continue to present the pistol, then look down to see his magazine dropping to the ground. Turner said he immediately began trying to replicate the conditions, other than a possible finger on the trigger, that could have caused the pistol to go off.

    “I figured my trigger was worn out at first and it slam fired, but I couldn’t get it to do it again,” he said.

    Using Video to Diagnose Discharge

    When Turner finally reviewed the video of his training session, it became clear that an extremely rare set of conditions caused the gun to fire.

    “A round popped from the top of the magazine during insertion and hit the sear/trigger bow when it seated,” Turner explained. “That’s also why the magazine fell back out, and you’ll see the culprit round falling after it. And for those that don’t know, there was obviously one in the chamber already from the previous magazine.”

    The entire sequence of events, aside from the obvious example of the need for ever-vigilant safety, shows the benefits of using video in training sessions. Turner figured out what happened because he had good video. Moreover, he posted it to social media as a teachable moment for all.

    Had I not been videoing I would’ve just assumed I was an idiot and sent one into outer space on my own accord,” Turner said. “It took me watching a few times to figure out exactly what had happened.”

    Above all, many shooters of Joel’s caliber probably wouldn’t be bold enough to post this video. No doubt there will be some that try to find fault with the shooter himself. However, the video serves as a great teaching tool for us all. Bravo to Turner for sharing.

    For more information on the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, visit goarmy.com.

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

  • WATCH: Wisconsin Police Dash Cam Captures Fatal Gas Leak Explosion

    Following a 23-week investigation, Sun Prairie officials released dash cam footage that captures a massive, fatal explosion in Wisconsin last July.  A mere 11 seconds into the video, a fireball rips through sky, sending smoke and debris into a cloud of chaos. Moreover, a gas leak caused the explosion, according to officials.

    The gas leak stemmed from a fiber optic installation project. Workers cut a WE gas line while engaged in underground directional boring. Consequently, gas leaked and escaped for 40 minutes before finally finding an ignition source, causing the explosion and several fires, according to a report published by Sun Prairie Department of Police.

    The video clearly shows various workers in hard hats run for cover as the gas detonates. Although most of the people running seem to escape harm, many others weren’t so fortunate.

    The blast killed nine victims, including a law enforcement official and fireman that responded to the scene. However, personnel successfully evacuated at least 250 civilians from the immediate area prior to the blast, according to the report.

    Along with casualties, several businesses and one private residence was completely destroyed by the blast. Moreover, many other buildings suffered varying degrees of damage, according to official reports.

    “The explosion and subsequent fire destroyed or damaged several commercial and residential structures in the area and resulted in the evacuation of several structures in the area,” said the state Fire Marshal report. “Several vehicles parked on the streets in the area were also destroyed.”

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

  • Silver Shadow Ready to Ship Double-Barreled Gilboa DBR Snake Rifle

    Silver Shadow recently announced that the company is manufacturing and shipping the long-awaited double-barreled DBR Snake in .223 Rem. Several videos and promotions about the unique AR-style platform caused much curiosity over the last few years, and now the rifles are being produced in the U.S.

    Gilboa DBR Snake Features

    While the rifle looks unique, Silver Shadow claims the Gilboa DBR Snake features 100-percent commonality with traditional AR-15s. Moreover, the company utilizes CNC machining processes and state-of-the-art equipment to produce an improved chassis, according to Silver Shadow.

    “It’s a fun gun to shoot, almost no one has it, it looks bad-ass and everybody at the range will want to try it,” said Micky Shoham, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Silver Shadow. “It also never jams as there are two separate systems.”

    Various distributors and dealers will carry the rife. Further, the next batch is expected to ship sometime in February, according to Silver Shadow.

    The company also announced recently that it would be displaying product again this year at the upcoming SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

    “We’re excited to be back at the Show, displaying our new Gilboa rifles and especially the new Double Barrel Rifle (DBR) Snake .223, which so many people have been waiting to see on the market.,” Shoham said. “Silver Shadow will be featuring its new and much awaited U.S.-Made, DBR Snake rifle; there’s a long waiting list for this rifle already.”

    Israeli retired Lt. Col. Amos Golan, a former senior officer and Commander of Special Units of the Israel Defense Forces, founded Silver Shadow in 1995. The company also made headlines with its Corner Shot, a tactical platform that enables law enforcement or military personnel to observe and engage threats around a corner or obstacle. The system adapts to fit Glock, Sig, and Beretta pistols, as well as select rifle platforms.

    For more information, visit gilboa-rifle.cornershot.com.

    Gilboa DBR Snake Specifications

    • Caliber: .223 Rem.
    • Method of Operation: Gas Impingement
    • Overall Weight: 4.90 kg
    • Overall Length: 790mm
    • Barrel Length: 11.5 inches
    • Firing Mode: Semi-auto
    • MSRP: $2,419

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

  • Oklahoma Police Department Chooses RISE Armament Watchman

    RISE Armament recently announced it had reached an agreement to provide its Watchman law enforcement rifles to the Broken Arrow Police Department in Oklahoma. Moreover, the Watchman, chambered in .223 Wylde, will outfit the department’s Special Operations Team.

    “We’re proud to provide our officers with RISE Armament rifles,” said Sergeant Brad Klingenberg, Broken Arrow Police Department Special Operations Team Commander. “We are impressed with the rifles’ quality and the engineering behind them. They’re real tack drivers, and the price makes them an incredible value.”

    RISE Armament built the Watchman exclusively for law enforcement use. Additionally, the company wanted to supply officers with a “supremely accurate, highly dependable rifle.”

    Moreover, it also had to be “affordable on a law enforcement budget.”  As such, RISE sought input from special units, officers, military, competitive shooters and firearm instructors.

    RISE Armament Watchman Features

    Two different models are available, in .223 Wylde or 300 BLK. Also, each rifle utilizes a RISE advanced flash hider, a four-pronged unit designed to minimize flash in low light. Moreover, the Watchman features forged upper and lower receivers, an LE145 Tactical Trigger, ambidextrous safety and RISE LE M-LOK handguard. Also, the rifle includes a 416R stainless steel barrel and black nitride-coated bolt carrier group. Finally, a Magpul pistol grip and CTR stock round out the package.

    “RISE Armament’s number-one mission is to make a lasting difference,” said Chris Stratton, Sales Director at RISE Armament. “We launched our law enforcement division to make sure officers and citizens are better protected, so we’re honored we’re able to make that impact so quickly in Broken Arrow, our own community.”

    The Watchman rifle kicks off a new initiative from the company: RISE LE. Further, the new division “focuses on designing, engineering, and manufacturing firearms and other products that meet the specific demands of law enforcement units across the country,” according to a RISE Armament release.

    For more information, visit risearmament.com.

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

  • WATCH: Illinois Police Officer Narrowly Avoids Train Collision

    An Illinois police officer narrowly escaped being smashed by a locomotive recently. Moreover, the officer’s “lucky turn” was captured by dash cam video and posted on social media.

    “Throughout my life, I’ve had very little luck,” wrote officer Peter Stanglewicz. “I’ve bought tons of raffle tickets, from little league tickets to charity raffles. Every lottery ticket was a loser. I just thought I wasn’t born with luck at all. Little did I know, I had luck, I was just saving it all up for the perfect time. Here is all my luck being used ALL AT ONCE. If I never win anything again, I’m perfectly fine with that.”

    Though Stanglewicz posted the near train collision with light-hearted humor, footage clearly shows how close the man came to serious harm. The video was first picked up by NBC News.

    A Near Train Collision

    Following along with the flow of traffic, dash cam footage reveals how close the two cars, one in each direction, narrowly escape collision themselves. Neither driver seemingly sees the oncoming train, nor does either vehicle appear to attempt to avoid the locomotive.

    The pace of all of the vehicles on screen is casual, normal. The officer is merely flowing with traffic, yet after the car in front of him narrowly passes in front of the train, at the last second you can see Stanglewicz become alert.

    At the last second, Stanglewicz quickly applies the brakes and evades collision by steering hard to the left.

    While its clear the mechanical safety gate did not lower to stop traffic, it is unclear, due to the audio, whether or not the train whistle was blown to alert traffic ahead.

    Regardless, all drivers involved were extremely lucky to avoid being run over by a train. Nobody wants a train collision for the Holiday Season.

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

  • WATCH: LAPD Officers Engage, Apprehend Armed Suspect

    Members of the Hollywood Patrol Division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) shot at and eventually apprehended an armed suspect following a well-coordinated pursuit. Dash cam footage captured the scene that included a potential hit-and-run, high-speed pursuit and multiple officers responding.

    The chase began when officers initiated a traffic stop of a black Range Rover spotted with paper plates. The driver, later identified as Harut Torossyan, stopped initially after seemingly hitting another vehicle. However, the video shows the suspect immediately flee at a high rate of speed.

    After encountering heavy traffic on the freeway, the suspect allegedly fled on foot, reportedly in possession of a handgun as he ran across lanes of traffic, according to a report released by the LAPD. It was then that officers engaged the threat, firing on the suspect, according to the report.

    LAPD Officers Respond

    Video shows another passenger in the vehicle, later identified as Freddrick Osorio, remaining on scene and surrendering peacefully without incident. However, Torossyan initiated a coordinated pursuit from officers, with the video clearly showing one officer calling for backup and air support, while a K-9 unit eventually joins the chase as well.

    The chase concludes when a team of officers corner the suspect in a nearby apartment complex, according to LAPD. There, video shows the suspect finally surrender, where he can be heard saying “You guys got me. I’m … I’m cooperating.”

    Torossyan sustained a two grazing gunshot wounds to the top of his head and torso. Authorities took the suspect to a local hospital for treatment, according to LAPD.

    Officers found a semi-automatic handgun where the suspect was seen fleeing. Authorities charged Torossyan with Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Meanwhile, Osorio was booked for an unrelated, prior robbery, according to the report.

    According to LAPD, no officers sustained any injury during the pursuit and apprehension of the suspects.

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

  • WATCH: Minneapolis Officers Shoot, Kill Knife-Wielding Assailant

    Two Minneapolis police officers shot and killed an armed suspect in Minnesota recently. Moreover, recently released body cam footage shows the entire incident, where officers issued multiple warnings to a knife-wielding assailant prior to engaging. As such, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman recently announced neither officer would not face charges in the fatal shooting.

    Officers Ryan Keys and Neal Walsh fired eight shots at the 36-year-old suspect, identified as Travis Jordan. The video shows Jordan fail to comply to repeated orders to drop a 13.5-inch Chefmate knife that featured an 8.25-inch blade, according to a report from the Hennepin County Attorney office.

    “I express my heartfelt condolences to Mr. Jordan’s family and to his girlfriend over his tragic death,” Freeman said in the statement. “However, in reviewing all of the evidence gathered by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, including video from the officers’ body cameras, it was clear, at that moment, Mr. Jordan presented a real danger to the officers. Under Minnesota law, they were justified in using deadly force.”

    The report wraps up an investigation into the shooting by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, that examined multiple officer body camera and included interviews with witnesses and responding officers, according to the report.

    According to the investigation, Jordan’s girlfriend called police and told the dispatcher the man was threatening to commit suicide in his home. When she told Jordan she would call police, he said he would talk to them upon arrival.

    Minneapolis Police Responds

    But as the video shows, Jordan was clearly agitated when police arrived. When Officer Keyes gestured to man to come closer, Jordan screamed “f–k you.” Then as both officers took positions around the front door, Jordan’s voice can be heard again and again, screaming variations of “Come on, do it.”

    When Jordan finally emerged from the house, Keyes presented his pistol, backed up to create space and issued multiple warnings. “Just drop the knife dude,” he said. “Drop the knife buddy.”

    But Jordan continued to advance, continuing to shout “let’s do this.” Meanwhile, Keyes retreats at least nine steps, issuing warnings, before both officers finally engage the threat. At least three rounds hit Jordan, according the report. The investigation later revealed that Jordan closed at least 10 feet of distance on Keyes before any shots were fired.

    The officers immediately handcuffed the assailant for safety before providing first aid. Meanwhile, paramedics transported Jordan to a hospital, where he died from his wounds, according to the report.

    Later, during the investigation, Minneapolis Police found a notebook where the suspect had allegedly written on a notebook. “Paul I’m so sorry this happened at your house,” it said. The note reportedly referenced the home owner, leading one to surmise Jordan intended an altercation to transpire.

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

  • WATCH: Police Dog Bites Suspect Who Allegedly Broke Into Police Lodge

    Tulsa Police recently released body cam video that shows a suspect being apprehended after an apparent shockingly poor decision. Christian Bryant allegedly broke into a local Fraternal Order of Police lodge in Oklahoma. You know the FOP, where all the cops hang out. But then Cisco the police dog came on the scene.

    Police say a cleaning lady inside the lodge altered authorities that someone had broken in by smashing the front glass doors, according to a NewsOn6.com report.

    Police Dog Responds

    After officers methodically work their way through the building clearing rooms, footage clearly shows Cisco spring into action. First through the final door, the police dog pounces on Bryant, who immediately gives, writing in pain from the pooch’s bite.

    “Stop resisting,” the responding officer commands.

    “I am, I am, I am; I promise, I promise, I promise,” Bryant cries.

    With the suspect clearly stopped by the police dog, and the responding officer firmly in control, you’d think this story would be done. But alas, our alleged breaker of entry, well he just begun to entertain. The following exchange, straight out of Laurel and Hardy, succinctly illustrates the suspect’s error in judgement.

    No Laugh Track Needed

    “What did I do?” Bryant asks, incredibly.

    “What do you think you did a**hole?” the officer responds quickly. “You broke a damn window out and entered the damn police lodge.”

    “Ow, the dog bit me,” Bryant moans a few moments later.

    The officer, now applying handcuffs to the suspect, immediately reports that Bryant is in custody and will need treatment for a dog bite. Then the tough love continues.

    “Oh, stop being a baby. Stand up.”

    As the officer walks out the suspect, other officials inquire to the extent of his injuries, meanwhile heaping praise on Cisco the police dog. And then our officer takes provides one last zinger for the road.

    “Do you realize what building this is?”

    “No,” Bryant mumbles.

    “You don’t? You’re about as dumb as a box of rocks aren’t ya,” the officer quips. Indeed, sir.

    Authorities took Bryant to the hospital for treatment before taking him to jail, according to the report.

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

  • WATCH: Police Helo Tracks Carjacking Suspect Before Hysterical Tasing

    Volusia County sheriff’s deputies stopped a carjacking in progress recently in Florida, with an officer deploying a Taser to successfully end the chase. Moreover, several units, including the Volusia County helicopter, Air One, coordinated the chase of the suspect, according to a report by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

    Dash and body cam footage shows the wild ending, as Air One keeps a visual over the suspect while positioning law enforcement units on the ground. During the chase, authorities twice deploy stop strips on the road, however the suspect continues to flee.

    Taser Stops Carjacking

    The situation came to a head when the suspect, later identified as Anthony Gunther, pulls off the road and attempts to carjack yet another vehicle. There, while the presumed vehicle owner attempts to stop the man, the first responding officer finally catches up with Gunther, successfully deploying his Taser.

    The “shocking” turn of events certainly seemed to get Gunther’s attention.

    “All right, all right, all right, all right,” Gunther screams once the officer lets off the juice. “I give up, I give up, I give up, I give up, I give up. Repeating the theme, Gunther moans “I give up: at least five times before finally making the plea: “Please don’t beat me up.”

    Gunther continues to whine to the arresting officers, upping the ante “I’m sorry, I just got a crazy drug habit.”

    “Hey, shut up, I don’t want to hear about your freakin’ drug habit,” an officer sharply responds.

    Responding officers clearly communicated well and handled the scene at a high level. As such, the arrest ended what allegedly had been a wild spree of carjacking by Gunther. The suspect allegedly stole his first car earlier in the afternoon, a red SUV. Then Gunther allegedly upgraded to a Jaguar. It was then that Air One spotted the racing Jag, and the chase was on, according to the report.

    Fittingly, while officers continued to handcuff and process Gunther, Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” blared from the abandoned Jaguar. Thank you, Mister Gunther, you win the internet today.

    Authorities reported no injuries as a result of the successful apprehension of Gunther.

    Excellent content provided by Tactical-Life.com. Legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@newscred.com.

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