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KA-BAR Knives

KA BAR Knives including the USMC fighting knife, the marine knife, KA-BAR TDI, kabar fighting knife, k-bar kukri, ka bar short black fighting knife and more. No matter what kabar knife you are looking for ReactGear has it. We carry k bar knives because kbar is the best.K-bar knives are made in the USA which is why most people trust their ka bar knife more than any other.

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KA-BAR USMC Knife Full Size Black KA-BAR KA-BAR Kukri Machete 1249
OUR PRICE: $69.64
Full Size Black KA-BAR
OUR PRICE: $65.21
KA-BAR Kukri Machete
OUR PRICE: $53.87
KA-BAR Leather Handled Big Brother KA-BAR Large TDI Law Enforcement KA-BAR D2 Extreme Knife
KA-BAR D2 Extreme Knife
OUR PRICE: $117.21
KA-BAR ESEE Becker Eskabar Knife KA-BAR Kraton Handled Big Brother KA-BAR Kukri Machete 1280
KA-BAR Kukri Machete 1280
OUR PRICE: $74.99
KA-BAR Becker Bowie BK9 KA-BAR Short Becker Trailing Point BK15 Ka-Bar Becker Magnum Camp Knife BK5
KA-BAR Becker Bowie BK9
OUR PRICE: $100.57
KA-BAR Kraton Handled Mark 1 KA-BAR Short USA Knife KA-BAR Short Black Knife
KA-BAR Short USA Knife
OUR PRICE: $69.64
KA-BAR Short Black Knife
OUR PRICE: $52.38
KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Black KA-BAR Tanto KA-BAR US Army Knife
Black KA-BAR Tanto
OUR PRICE: $69.08
KA-BAR US Army Knife
OUR PRICE: $69.64
ZK Pestilence Chopper KA-BAR ZK Death Dagger KA-BAR Zombie MULE Folder
KA-BAR ZK Death Dagger
OUR PRICE: $52.99
KA-BAR Zombie MULE Folder
OUR PRICE: $46.57
KA-BAR ZK Kharon Tanto Folding Knife Ka-Bar ZK Acheron Skeleton Knife KA-BAR Large Heavy Bowie 1277
KA-BAR Large Heavy Bowie
OUR PRICE: $56.73
Black KA-BAR Survival Knife KA-BAR Becker Campanion BK2 KA-BAR Leather Handled Bowie
KA-BAR Leather Handled Marine Hunter KA-BAR Large TDI Law Enforcement Tanto Knife Foliage Green KA-BAR Fighting / Utility Knife
KA-BAR Short Black Tanto
OUR PRICE: $52.38
KA-BAR TDI LDK (Last Ditch Knife) KA-BAR Heavy-Duty Warthog Knife KA-BAR Becker Necker
KA-BAR Becker Necker
OUR PRICE: $42.22
Desert KA-BAR Utility Knife Foliage Green KA-BAR Utility Knife KA-BAR Becker Tac Tool BK3
KA-BAR Desert Knife
OUR PRICE: $67.99
KA-BAR Becker Tac Tool BK3
OUR PRICE: $108.00
KA-BAR Laserlyte Pistol Bayonet PB1 KA-BAR Becker Utility Knife BK7 KA-BAR Cutlass Machete 1248
KA-BAR Becker Utility BK7
OUR PRICE: $89.17
KA-BAR Cutlass Machete
OUR PRICE: $53.87
KA-BAR MULE Folder KA-BAR Desert MULE Folder KA-BAR Warthog Folder
OUR PRICE: $46.57
KA-BAR Desert MULE Folder
OUR PRICE: $46.57
KA-BAR Warthog Folder
OUR PRICE: $12.45
KA-BAR Warthog Folder Tanto Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Belt Clip 1480CLIP KA-BAR Kydex Sheath - Short
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